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How To Fix Sync Error Problem On Android Phone

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Is me com owned by Apple?

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Mac came in early June 2008, when Apple bought the domain name. On June 9, 2008, Apple announced that .

Does Apple still use me com?

Update: Apple no longer has accounts anymore. If you create an Apple account you will have a account.

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Is me com the same as Apple ID?

Is an Apple ID, email address, or iCloud account? Answer: A: Answer: A: Since 2012 it is nothing more than an alias to your iCloud email account, and a synonymous login ID for your AppleID used with iCloud.

When did Apple stop using me com?

If you had a working email address as of July 9, 2008, kept your MobileMe account active, and moved to iCloud before August 1, 2012, you can use,, and email addresses with your iCloud account.

Who is the provider of me com? (Apple iCloud) provides IMAP access to your (Apple iCloud) account, so you can connect to your email from mobile devices and desktop email clients.

What was wrong with MobileMe?

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MobileMe could not recover from a miserable debut

Steve Jobs talks MobileMe during last weeks WWDC keynote. From the start, it was plagued with infuriating technical problems-from syncing bugs that erased iPhone customer contact lists, to a mail server crash that locked people out of their e-mail accounts.

Why was MobileMe a failure?

In 2008, when Apple launched MobileMe, its own advanced email system, it was a dud. It cost $100 annually, but there were syncing issues, and emails were being lost. The Wall Street Journals legendary tech guru, Walt Mossberg, said he couldnt recommend the service because it had too many flaws.

What is MobileMe supposed to do?

MobileMe comprises of web-based applications that not only synchronize with their desktop counterparts, but also pushes updates to other computers including calendar appointments, address book entries and Safari bookmarks.

When was MobileMe discontinued?

All services were gradually transitioned to and eventually replaced by the free iCloud, and MobileMe ceased on June 30, 2012, with transfers to iCloud being available until July 31, 2012, or data being available for download until that date, when the site finally closed completely.

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Is MobileMe the same as iCloud?

If youre a MobileMe user, you probably know the various parts that make up the service. iCloud will offer some of the same features as MobileMe (such as syncing of contacts, calendars, Safari bookmarks, and e-mail), but not all, and it will add new features, as well.


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